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01 January 2013 @ 12:52 am
~~ 2012 scrapbook ~~  
complete 2012

- Movies -


[1] Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol - 8.5/10
[2] A Dangerous Method - 7.5/10
[3] War Horse - 9/10
[4] Safe House - 8/10
[5] The Hunger Games - 9.5/10
[6] Battleship - 8/10
[7] The Avengers - 9.5/10
[8] Wrath of the Titans - 7/10
[9] Prometheus
[10] Snow White and the Huntsman
[11] The Dark Knight Rises - 10/10
[12] The Dark Knight Rises
[13] The Amazing Spider-Man - 9.5/10
[14] The Dark Knight Rises
[15] The Double - 7.5/10
[16] Red Lights - 9/10
[17] The Bourne Legacy - 7.5/10
[18] Red Lights - 9/10
[19] Skyfall - 7.5/10
[20] MIB 3 - 8.5/10
[21] Breaking Dawn Pt 2
[22] Anna Karenina
[23] The Hobbit


[1] Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel
[2] The Eagle (re)
[3] The Last Exorcism
[4] The Devil's Teardrop
[5] The Experiment
[6] SWAT: Firefight
[7] Trust - 8.5/10
[8] The Son of No One
[9] Trust - 8.75/10
[10] Beyond - 7.5/10
[11] Batman Begins (re)
[12] The Dark Knight (re)
[13] Blitz - 7.5/10
[14] Starship - 10/10
[15] The Setup - 6/10 (only for the (un)intended lolz)
[16] Wake Wood - 7/10 (Aidan Gillen)
[17] Hereafter - 9.25/10
[18] Despicable Me
[19] Jersey Girl - 9/10
[20] Chronicle - 7.5/10
[21] Lockout 6/10
[22] Brooklyn's Finest - 7.5/10
[23] The Lost Future - 5/10
[24] Me and My Dick (StarKid) - 8.75/10
[25] Paul - 8.5/10
[26] Moonrise Kingdom - 7/10
[27] The King's Speech - 9/10
[28] One Day - 8/10
[29] Celda 211 - 7/10
[30] The Last Castle - 6/10
[31] Northern Lights
[32] Working Miracles
[33] Across the Universe - 8/10
[34] Third Man Out
[35] Five Days of War (Ruper Friend)
[36] The Raven - 7.5/10
[37] Intruders - 3.5/10
[38] Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - 7.5/10
[39] The Cold Light of Day - 3/10
[40] Bend It Like Beckham - 7/10
[41] Straw Dogs (remake) - 6.5/10
[42] Little White Lie (webseries (11 eps) by Team StarKid) - 8.5/10
[43] The Three Musketeers - 6/10 (but I really loved Luke Evans in this)
[44] Afghan Luke
[45] Third Star
[46] Quid Pro Quo
[47] Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (re)
[48] End of Watch 11/10 + (re)
[49] The Man Without a Face (re)
[50] Fire With Fire
[51] The Ides of March
[52] What's My Number
[53] Resident Evil: Retribution
[54] Cellular (re)
[55] The Words - 7.5/10
[56] Star Trek (re)
[57] The Perfect Host


[1] The Way Back (Blu-Ray)
[2] Bridge to Terabithia
[3] The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
[4] The Eagle
[5] Passchendaele (The Battle of)
[6] Due Date
[7] Love Happens
[8] August Rush
[9] The Crazies
[10] Game of Thrones s1
[11] Taken (mini)
[12] Sherlock s2
[13] Source Code
[14] Captain America
[15] Stardust
[16] The Fighter
[17] I'm Not There
[18] Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
[19] The Conspirator
[20] Wimbledon
[21] Meet Bill
[22] The Walking Dead Season 2
[23 + 24] Carnivàle s1 + s2
[25] World Without End
[26] Homeland
[27] Seven Pounds
[28] Training Day
[29] Till Human Voices Wake Us
[30] The Pacific
[31] TDKR
[32] White Collar S2

- tv shows -
(re) = watching it again


>> Season 1 <<

1x01: Pilot
1x02: Honor Thy Father
1x03: Lone Gunmen
1x04: An Innocent Man
1x05: Damaged
1x06: Legacies
1x07: Muse of Fire
1x08: Vendetta
1x09: Year's End

[Battlestar Galactica]

>>Season 1<< (re)

1x01: 33
1x02: Water
1x03: Bastille Day
1x04: Act of Contrition
1x05: You Can't Go Home Again
1x06: Litmus
1x07: Six Degrees of Separation
1x08: Flesh and Bone
1x09: Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down
1x10: The Hand of God

>> Season 4 <<

4x05: The Road Less Traveled (1/2)
4x06: Faith (2/2)
4x07: Guess What's Coming to Dinner
4x08: Sine Qua Non
4x09: The Hub
4x10: Revelations
4x11: Sometimes a Great Notion
4x12: A Disquiet Follows My Soul
4x13: The Oath (1/2)
4x14: Blood on the Scales (2/2)
4x15: No Exit
4x16: Deadlock
4x17: Someone to Watch Over Me
4x18: Islanded in a Stream of Stars
4x19: Daybreak (1/3)
4x20: Daybreak (2/3)
4x21: Daybreak (3/3)

[Big Bang Theory, The]

4x20: The Transporter Malfunction


Part one
Part two


>> Season 1 <<

1x01: Mark 8:36
1x02: Genesis 27:29
1x03: Matthew 13:57
1x04: Matthew 5:6
1x05: Matthew 12:25
1x06: Samyutta 11.10
1x07: Genesis 27:39
1x08: Job 31: 5-6
1x09: Ecclesiastes 7:2
1x10: Vivekachudamani :51
1x11: Matthew 22:10


>> Season 1 <<

1x01: Milfay
1x02: After the Ball Is Over
1x03: Tipton
1x04: Black Blizzard
1x05: Babylon
1x06: Pick a Number
1x07: The River
1x08: Lonnigan, Texas
1x09: Insomnia
1x10: Hot and Bothered
1x11: The Day of the Dead
1x12: The Day That Was the Day

>> Season 2 <<

2x01: Los Moscos
2x02: Alamogordo, N.M.
2x03: Ingram, TX
2x04: Old Cherry Blossom Road
2x05: Creed, OK
2x06: The Road to Damascus
2x07: Damascus, NE
2x08: Outskirts, Damascus, NE
2x09: Lincoln Highway
2x10: Cheyenne, WY
2x11: Outside New Canaan
2x12: New Canaan, CA

[Chicago Code, The]

1x01: Pilot
1x02: Hog Butcher
1x03: Gillis, Chase & Babyface
1x04: Cabrini-Green
1x05: O'Leary's Cow
1x06: The Gold Coin Kid
1x07: Black Hand and the Shotgun Man
1x08: Wild Onions
1x09: St. Valentine's Day Massacre
1x10: Bathouse & Hinky Dink
1x11: Black Sox
1x12: Greylord & Gambat
1x13: Mike Royko's Revenge

[Criminal Minds]

>> Season 7 <<

7x01: It Takes a Village
7x02: Proof
7x03: Dorado Falls
7x04: Painless
7x05: From Childhood's Hour
7x06: Epilogue
7x07: There's No Place Like Home
7x08: Hope
7x09: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
7x10: The Bittersweet Science
7x11: True Genius
7x12: Unknown Subject
7x13: Snake Eyes
7x14: Closing Time
7x15: A Thin Line


>> Season 10 <<

10x23: Meat Yekyll (2/2)

>> Season 11 <<

11x01: Shock Waves

[CSI: New York]

>> Season 8 <<

8x18: Near Death

>> Season 9 <<

9x01: Reignited
9x02: Where There's Smoke...


1x01: Deadwood

[Due South]

1x22: Letting Go


1x01: Pilot
1x02: While You Were Sleeping
1x03: Child Predator
1x04: The Rat Race
1x05: Lesser Evils
1x06: Flight Risk
1x07: One Way to Get Off


1x01: Pilot (Opening Moves)

[Firm, The]

1x01-1x02: Pilot
1x03: Chapter Two
1x04: Chapter Three
1x05: Chapter Four

[Game of Thrones]

>> Season 2 <<

2x01: The North Remembers
2x02: The Night Lands
2x03: What Is Dead May Never Die
2x04: Garden of Bones
2x05: The Ghost of Harrenhal
2x06: The Old Gods and the New
2x07: A Man Without Honor
2x08: The Prince of Winterfell
2x09: Blackwater
2x10: Valar Morghulis

[Glades, the]

1x01: Pilot
1x02: Bird in the Hand


>> Season 1 <<

1x01: Pilot
1x02: Showmance
1x03: Acafellas
1x04: Preggers
1x05: The Rhodes Not Taken
1x06: Vitamin D
1x07: Throwdown
1x08: Mash-Up

>> Season 3 <<

3x14: On My Way
3x15: Big Brother


>> Season 1 <<

1x01: Pilot
1x02: Bears Will be Bears
1x03: Beeware
1x04: Lonelyhearts
1x05: Danse Macabre
1x06: The Three Lonely Wolves
1x07: Let Your Hair Down
1x08: Game Ogre
1x09: Of Mouse and Man
1x10: Organ Grinder
1x11: Tarantella
1x12: Last Grimm Standing
1x13: Three Coins in a Fuchsbau
1x14: Plumed Serpent
1x15: Island of Dreams
1x16: The Thing with Feathers
1x17: Lovesick
1x18: Cat and Mouse
1x19: Leave It to the Beavers
1x20: Happily Ever Aftermath
1x21: Big Feet
1x22: The Woman in Black

>>Season 2<<

2x01: Bad Teeth
2x02: The Kiss
2x03: Bad Moon Rising
2x04: Quill
2x05: The Good Shepherd
2x06: Over My Dead Body
2x07: The Bottle Imp
2x08: The Other Side
2x09: La Llorona
2x10: The Hour of Death
2x11: To Protect and Serve Man
2x12: The Season of the Hexenbiest

[Harper's Island]

1x01: Whap
1x02: Crackle

[Hawaii Five-0]

>> Season 2 <<

2x12: Alaheo Pau'ole
2x13: Ka Ho'oponopono
2x14: Pu'olo
2x15: Mai Ka Wa Kahiko
2x16: I Helu Pu
2x17: Kupale
2x18: Lekio
2x19: Kalele
2x20: Ha 'alele'
2x21: Pa Make Loa
2x22: Ua Hopu
2x23: Ua Hala

>> Season 3 <<

3x01: La O Na Makuahine
3x02: Kanalua
3x03: Lana I Ka Moana
3x04: Popilikia
3x05: Mohai
3x06: I Ka Wa Momua
3x07: Ohuna
3x08: Wahine 'Inoloa
3x09: Ha'awe Make Loa
3x10: Huaka'i Kula


>> Season 1 << (re)

1x01: Pilot
1x02: Grace
1x03: Clean Skin
1x04: Semper I
1x05: Blind Spot
1x06: The Good Soldier
1x07: The Weekend
1x08: Achilles Heel
1x09: Crossfire
1x10: Representative Brody
1x11: The Vest
1x12: Marine One

>>Season 2<<

2x01: The Smile
2x02: Beirut Is Back
2x03: State of Independence
2x04: New Car Smell
2x05: Q&A
2x06: A Gettysburg Address
2x07: The Clearing
2x08: I'll Fly Away
2x09: Two Hats
2x10: Broken Hearts
2x11: In Memoriam
2x12: The Choice


8x05: The Confession (Jamie Bamber)


>> Season 3 <<

3x01: The Gunfighter
3x02: Cut Ties

[Las Vegas]

>> Season 5 <<

5x14: Secrets, Lies and Lamaze

[Last Resort]

1x01: Captain
1x02: Blue On Blue
1x03: Eight Bells
1x04: Voluntold
1x05: Skeleton Crew
1x06: Another Fine Navy Day
1x07: Nuke It Out

[Mentalist, The]

>> Season 4 <<

4x10: Fugue in Red
4x11: Always Bet on Red
4x12: My Bloody Valentine
4x13: Red Is the New Black
4x14: At First Blush
4x15: War of the Roses
4x16: His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts
4x17: Cheap Burgundy
4x18: Ruddy Cheeks
4x19: Pink Champagne on Ice
4x20: Something's Rotten in Redmund
4x21: Ruby Slippers
4x22: So Long, and Thanks For All the Red Snapper
4x23: Red Rover, Red Rover
4x24: The Crimson Hat

>> Season 5 <<

5x01: The Crimson Ticket
5x02: Devil's Cherry
5x03: Not One Red Cent
5x04: Blood Feud
5x05: Red Dawn
5x06: Cherry Picked
5x07: If It Bleeds, It Leads
5x08: Red Sails in the Sunset

[Murdoch Mysteries, The]

2x09: Convalescence

[Persons Unknown]

1x01: Pilot


2x01: The Wedding
2x02: The Dead Mouse

[Parade's End]

All five episodes

[Private Practice]

>> Season 4 <<

4x22: ...to Change the Things I Can

>> Season 5 <<

5x01: God Laughs


1x01: Pilot
1x02: Chained Heat
1x03: No Quarter
1x04: The Plague Dogs
1x05: Soul Train
1x06: Sex and Drugs
1x07: The Children's Crusade
1x08: Ties That Bind
1x09: Kashmir
1x10: Nobody's Fault But Mine


>> Season 1 << (re)

1x01: A Study In Pink
1x02: The Blind Banker
1x03: The Great Game

>> Season 2 <<

2x01: A Scandal in Belgravia
2x02: The Hounds of Baskerville
2x03: The Reichenbach Fall

[Stargate SG-1]

>> Season 1 << (re)

1x01: Children of the Gods (1/2)
1x02: Children of the Gods (2/2)


>> Season 1 <<

1x01: Pilot (Unknown Trouble)


>>Season 1<< (+re)

1x01: Pilot
1x02: Errors and Omissions
1x03: Inside Track
1x04: Dirty Little Secrets
1x05: Bail Out
1x06: Tricks of the Trade
1x07: Play the Man
1x08: Identity Crisis
1x09: Undefeated
1x10: The Shelf Life
1x11: Rules of the Game
1x12: Dog Fight

>> Season 2 << (+re)

2x01: She Knows
2x02: The Choice
2x03: Meet the New Boss
2x04: Discovery
2x05: Break Point
2x06: All In
2x07: Sucker Punch
2x08: Rewind
2x09: Asterisk
2x10: High Noon

[Third Watch]

>>Season 1<<

1x01: Pilot (Welcome to Camelot)
1x02: Anywhere but Here
1x03: Patterns
1x04: Hell Is What You Make of It

>> Season 2 <<

2x12: True Love


1x01: Pilot (1+1=3)
1x02: Safety in Numbers
1x03: Kite Strings
1x04: Entanglement
1x05: Lost and Found
1x06: Noosphere Rising
1x07: Zone of Exclusion
1x08: Music of the Spheres
1x09: Tessellations
1x10: Gyre (1/2)
1x11: Gyre (2/2)


>> Season 3 <<

3x09: Angela

>> Season 4 <<

4x09: Ief (1/2)
4x10: Ief (2/2)

[Walkind Dead, The]

>> Season 2 << (re)

2x01: What Lies Ahead
2x02: Bloodletting
2x03: Save the Last one
2x04: Cherokee Rose
2x05: Chupacabra
2x06: Secrets
2x07: Pretty Much Dead Already
2x08: Nebraska
2x09: Triggerfinger
2x10: 18 Miles Out
2x11: Judge, Jury, Executioner
2x12: Better Angels
2x13: Beside the Dying Fire

>> Season 3 <<

3x01: Seed
3x02: Sick
3x03: Walk with Me
3x04: Killer Within
3x05: Say the Word
3x06: Hounded
3x07: When the Dead Come Knocking
3x08: Made to Suffer
3x09: The Suicide King

[White Collar]

>> Season 3 <<

3x11: Checkmate
3x12: Upper West Side Story
3x13: Neighborhood Watch
3x14: Pulling Strings
3x15: Stealing Home
3x16: Judgment Day

>> Season 4 <<

4x01: Wanted
4x02: Most Wanted
4x03: Diminishing Returns
4x04: Parting Shots
4x05: Honor Among Thieves
4x06: Identity Crisis
4x07: Compromising Positions
4x08: Ancient History
4x09: Gloves Off
4x10: Vested Interest

[World Without End]

1x01: Knight

-Memorable days-

Jan 6th - turned in my thesis
Jan 7th - I decided I need more Jeremy Renner in my life
Jan 11th - saw Dee after her exam and gave her a late Christmas present (+ cinema!)
Jan 26th - successfully defended my thesis
Feb 29th - First job interview
March 18th - Successfully cooked 5 meals for my high school friends (first time ever)
Apr 26th - fangirl day (define_serenity & extraordinary)
July 7-9 - Paris with extraordinary
July 20th - The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX with define_serenity
August 2nd - define_serenity makes me watch Starship. <3
Sept 21st - Fangirl day with boolafaz define_serenity & extraordinary
Sept 29th - Lady Gaga concert (with define_serenity) - (report here)
Oct 6th - Met team StarKid, Craig Horner and Craig Parker at Ring*Con Bonn with define_serenity as my co-conspirator (report here)
Oct 11th - Met Benedict Cumberbatch in Ghent for a screening of Parade's End with my favorite fangirls boolafaz define_serenity, extraordinary. (report here)
Oct 20th - F.A.C.T.S 2012 (with define_serenity and extraordinary) met James Callis, Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery. (report here)
Dec 28th: fangirl blast + dinner with define_serenity and extraordinary

- Books -

A Game of Thrones  - George R.R. Martin
Birdsong  - Sebastian Faulks
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - Jonathan Safran Foer
What the Knight Knows - Dean Koontz

- Games -

[1] Final Fantasy XIII - PS3 (finished)
[2] Final Fantasy XIII-2 - PS3 (finished)
[3] Batman: Arkham Asylum - PS3 (finished)
[4] Batman: Arkham City - PS3 (finished)
[5] Batman Begins - PS2
[6] Assassin's Creed II - PS3
[7] Mass Effect 2 - PS3
[8] Resident Evil 6 (finished)