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06 January 2020 @ 08:19 pm
>>Friends only<<  

Feel free to add me if we have anything in common, I absolutely love making lj friends.
You can introduce yourself in the comments if you want.

>> My graphics <<

>> My Tumblr <<

Karolien: Yoda-grammarwraithness on March 31st, 2013 02:28 pm (UTC)
Hii new lj friend! :D

She made this Yoda icon too. *points to icon*

From the looks of it (read: me spying on your profile and icon page - oops): Arrow, Homeland, Grimm, Legend of the Seeker, Lord of the Rings, Justified, White Collar, Suits, Game of Thrones, H50, Stargate (+Atlantis), Star Wars,... probably forgetting a bunch.

In general: I have a real soft spot for scifi and superheroes. And I'm a tv junkie and give almost anything a go if the trailers look interesting to me.



And all the superhero feels are a given. Finally another victim on my flist I can bug with Bale feels. ;)

I also noticed you're from Germany, so that makes us neighbors eh? ;) Did you go to Ring*Con by any chance? Since they had GoT guests and Craig Horner and Craig Parker.


(that's my report in case you're interested, suddenly curious if you were there too. :DD) Of course, depends on where in Germany you live, it's a lot bigger than tiny Belgium. XD

Can't wait to get to know you! :)
MacFraser82: Equlibriummacfraser82 on March 31st, 2013 08:11 pm (UTC)
I love the Yoda icon :D
But i must admit i'm more of a Anakan girl ;D

No problem, spy as much as you need.^^
Arrow: Oh yeah. I never thought i would love this series so much ♥
And i must admit i ship Olli/Felicity like Fedex XD
Homeland: Can't wait for S3 :D
Grimm: Love Nick :D
Legend of the Seeker: I love LotS. Did you read the books?
GoT: S3 is coming!! :D
What is your favorite GoT character?
SGA: I'm still a little bit pissed that they canceled SGA.
Especially because SGU wasn't good at all (just my opinion ;) )

I love Sci Fi and Superheroes too.
Especially the sarcastic and honorable ones.
I'm thinking about Harry Dresden. My favorite book character EVER!!♥

August Rush was a accident. We didn't know what to take at the video store and take the DVD by accident. And we ended up loving it.
Especially because with a singing Jonathan Rhys Myers and Alex O'Loughlin ♥
Equilibrium was my first Bale movie.
And i really like the story. It reminds me a little bit about Matrix.^^
But this is not a bad thing.

No i didn't visit last years Ringcon. Too expensive.
Last year i did my drivers licensens for my motorcycle plus i bought my baby last year. And i already had tickets for the Trek Gate Con in Düsseldorf.
A personal Meet and Greet with Michael Shanks did outbid everything.
So a friend and i went to Trek Gate and met Michael Shanks.
It was totally worth it. Still have weak knees when i think about it.
This man.... *thud*
This year we are going to Trek Gate again. This time to meet Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne (Sanctuary).
So far i just have been to one Fed Con because Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett attended. This year would be a good year for Fed Con too but i'm visiting Scotland in may too.
So this would be way to expensive. But my Trek Gate friend and a close friend of mine is going to Fed Con. They bringing me some signed pictures.
I live near the border to the netherlands.
I drive about 2 to 3 hours to Düsseldorf were the Fed Con takes places.^^

Sorry this anwer exploded XD
Karolien: Batman_logowraithness on March 31st, 2013 09:40 pm (UTC)
B-but I LOVE long replies. They're the best. But be warned I tend to let my comments explode too. XD

Arrow: I was really curious and had to give it a go and quite liked the first episode and it just got better and better from there. :D And they're the ship that sails itself really. ♥ Love 'em.
Homeland: Always curious where they go next.
Grimm: This show has grown so much since the very beginning. I love Nick and Monroe (and okay, pretty much everyone). I always found Silas Weir Mitchell hilarious in Prison Break. The really good kind of hilarious. ;)
LotS: I have to admit I watched the show first and I got the first book about a month ago. I'm making myself finish three other books first though. I always get stuck reading fan fiction tbh.
GoT: lololol, I see what you did there. Since winter ain't going away anytime soon we need our new season. :D Aye, we do.
My fave characters: Tyrion, Daenerys, Jon and Jaime. And I really like Lord Baelish too, and Arya and Ygritte and... okay I'll shut up now, I think I love everyone for different reasons, but the first four (make that five) are my faves I think? XD Everyone's just so incredibly interesting, even Joffrey and we all know we don't like his attitude. XD

Here's where I confess the part where I refused to watch SGU because I was bitter about SGA's cancellation. I still haven't seen it btw, all my friends keep telling it it's just not that good and has major plotholes that would annoy the hell outta me. I even helped with the email campaign to bring SGA back. It actually worked for Jericho with their peanut campaign.

My friend keeps poking me to read The Dresden Files. I plan on getting the first book soon. Even though I keep postponing because of the three other ones I'm reading (Birdsong is one of them).

re Equilibrium and August Rush: EXACTLY! Well Equilibrium wasn't my first Bale movie, but one of the first and it just hit me in the feels so to speak. Wow, that was sort of appropriate wording given the movie. And August Rush is just GORGEOUS. ♥

lolz, looks like we have that in common too: going to conventions. :DD You've met some really awesome people. :D I know all about the weak knees. Fangirling is hard sometimes. ;) But oh-so worth it. Ring*Con was terribly expensive. My bestie define_serenity got me into StarKid so we just HAD TO. :DD It was terrific. Everyone was so sweet.

That's really the sad part about conventions, the money. We have a convention in Belgium around Oktober, called FACTS. (http://www.facts.be/guest-archive/) This one's become a tradition because it's one of the few over here. My friends and I tend to travel to other events. Stage doors and red carpets are usually free for autographs and pics. If you're lucky enough the celeb in question takes time to do so anyway. It's always a bit of a guess. But got to meet some awesome people that way. Wanna go to FedCon one day, but I'm afraid that won't happen very soon. I don't have a driver's license and since graduation I've been looking for a job. So most of the fangirl trips we do these day have to be on the cheap side. XD

Okay, shutting up now before I write a novel by accident. ;)

MacFraser82: GoT Jaime darkmacfraser82 on March 31st, 2013 10:19 pm (UTC)
I can see that (exploding long replies ;) )

I must admit i recognized Silas from Prison Break but i really fell in love with him on Grimm.
Nick and Monroe have just a great chemistry and bromance.
I'm just saying "Brothers socks keeper!" ;D
Love them both. Hopefully Grimm gets a third season.

LotS: I read the books in highschool. About 13 years ago for the first time and instantly feel in love with Kahlan, Zedd and Richard.

GoT: *gg* I did it on purpose ;)
And my fav character is Jaime plus i love Tyrion and Bron. They have a great relationship. But i also like Jon, Brienne and Robb.
But my favorite is and always will be Jaime.^^
I love his view on life and his sarcastic and snarly replies... *rofl*
And i' a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Nikolaj fan since New Amsterdam.
Do you know the High school version of Game of Thrones?
And this is the good thing about GoT all this different kind of characters so everybody finds a character he likes the most or hates the most.

SGU: I saw the first 3 episodes or the first 10 minutes of episodes 3 and i decided that this isn't my kind of show. Didn't like the setting nor the storyline. And Robert Carlylise character got on my nerves really really quick. I just couldn't stand him. *rolleyes*
So you didn't miss anything. No worries ;)

You are missing out, believe me. :D
I'm a huge fan since 2007. This series is getting better and better by every book. It's getting really dark but sooooooo goood. I'm always on the edge of my seat when i'm reading the books. And we are at number 14 now.
I think that says everything.
Just a funny side note: While i'm writing you i'm sitting here in my Dresden Shirt and with my Dresden mug full of tea ;)
So you get an idea how much i love this books ;)
Oh and another funny sidenote: The actor of Lt. Lance from Arrow is also the actor who played Harry Dresden in the tv show. Paul Blackthorne ♥
Yes i'm a fangirl XD

Who did you meet so far?
Maybe we will meet each other at a Con.^^
Karolienwraithness on April 6th, 2013 08:48 pm (UTC)
Epically late reply is epically late. I'm usually a bit faster, unless I'm reading on my phone, which I do quite often. It's just not possible to type a decent reply that way.

Hope you enjoyed the new Grimm eppy! :) Or soon. It should get a third season, right? I mean, it's one of the few popular shows on NBC (not counting The Voice etc). I'm hopeful. It certainly deserves more.

I'm proud I know New Amsterdam. Also really noticed him in Wimbledon. He just draws all of our attention straight to him. ;) What I love about Jaime is despite being one of the 'bad guys' he's actually quite honorable and like you said, he has some of the best lines. Pretty sure snark runs in that family. :p

I don't know the HS version ö Are we talking fic or vid? Linkable? This intrigues me. :)

Yeah, re SGU: pretty much what you just said. Everyone seems to agree there. Or most actual fans of the franchise anyway? I remember there being an entire list of the plotholes at one point. XD

You have a shirt and mug? AWESOME. :DD That's what true fangirls do, we weapon ourselves with merchandise because we can. :DD ♥ We're all fangirls here, after all. ;) I feel I'm gonna cave if I can get my hands on those books. :)Paul Blackthorne is awesome. Like him a lot on Arrow.

As for people I've been lucky enough to meet:

last two people: Benedict Cumberbatch and James McAvoy (who were absolutely flawless and so so so kind. Not to mention they were total loons and hilarious ♥_♥ my expectations for men ruined ever since. I need me a true British gentleman)

@Ring*Con: Team StarKid, Craig Horner, Craig Parker and Jason Momoa (I actually bumped into him which was pretty funny since we turned the corner at the same time and suddenly his arm tattoo was in my face).

FACTS: Robert Picardo, Jewel Staite, Paul McGillion (my first time meeting an actor and he was SO SWEET), Christopher Judge (I was the only one that day who got him to say indeed, though my question had nothing to do with that XD) James Callis, Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery. I also saw Charles Dance and Janina Gavankar. And at Ring*Con I got to see Miltos Yerolemou (Syrio Forel) talking to some fans in the lobby. Also saw part of his Q&A, he seemed like such a cool guy. :)

Everyone was awesome tbh, the only experience I liked a little less was when I met Robert Picardo. He was probably tired, but still... A friend and I went up to him to get a picture signed so we paid for that and he signed it, but while I was there he kept talking to the guy next to him (about money I think) and I just figured he could've at least looked at me and said hi since I just spent precious money on his autograph. But he was really nice to my friend after that, so I bet it was a sudden money thing and not intentional, but yeah... Made me a little sad.

What about yooou? You seem to have met a lot of AWESOME people! ö Do tell.
MacFraser82: SG1 Danielmacfraser82 on April 8th, 2013 07:45 pm (UTC)
Don't worry dear.^^

Yes i enjoyed the new episode of Grimm.
Hopefully Juliette and Nick get back together. I miss them.
But i think it's save to say that we get a third season :D

Have you seen Nikolaj in Headhunters?!

Here you go: School of Thrones :D
But i like episode 2 more.^^

Actually i own two mugs and a Dresden shirt because i couldn't decide on the cup designs XD
This is my favorite and from the latest Dresden Files novel


I just loooove McGrath Dresden Designs ♥

And the other design (from the Book: Turn Coat)


If you wanna get a idea of the Dresden Files i can offer you a look at the first hundert pages of Storm Front (the first novel)
I found it online by accidentXD


I didn't met so much people yet.^^
Gareth David Lloyd, Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, James Masters, Micheal Shank, Christopher Heyerdahl, Connor Trinier and Torry Higginson.
Had a little Meet and Greet with Michael Shanks a friend and 3 other guys.
It was a little bit intimidating at first but Michael is just so a down to earth guy. ♥

Karolienwraithness on April 12th, 2013 09:23 pm (UTC)
Not that I mind Nick living at Monroe's. :p But yeah, it's time for this part of the storyline to move past this. :)

Unfortunately I haven't seen Headhunters yet, but it's on my list for obvious reasons. They had it at the movie theater here, but ended up not watching it there for some reason. *fail* I'm really curious now.

Thank you so much for all the links btw, awesome. Will definitely be reading the first 100 pages (and then I'll end up buying the books i'm sure ;)). Those designs are GORGEOUS, wish I was that talented tbh.

You've met some really AWESOME people imho. I'd love to meet ALL OF THEM. I nearly met Torri, but I got sick the day before the con so couldn't go. She's lovely according to one of my besties. :)
AND JOE AND CONNOR AND DAVID AND ALL OF THE ABOVE. ♥ I'd feel intimidated too. I remember my first time meeting a celeb and it was really crazy. So unreal. :p But after a while you just realize they're just as human as us mere mortals. ;)
MacFraser82: Teen Wolf Lydia 1macfraser82 on May 12th, 2013 01:25 pm (UTC)
I can't wait for the Grimm season finale next week.
Seems like Julia and Nick get finally back together. YAY.

And you really should watch Headhunters it's a great movie.

Keep me posted about Dresden Files :D
I'm taking the first book with my on vacation.
In the beginning everything was rainbows and butterflys.