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06 January 2020 @ 08:19 pm
>>Friends only<<  

Feel free to add me if we have anything in common, I absolutely love making lj friends.
You can introduce yourself in the comments if you want.

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Candy: bale: sometimes I can't control myselflunetimide on June 1st, 2012 08:18 pm (UTC)
Finally got around to making a Bale icon. Anyways, aw, this gif is so adorable. This is one of my fave scenes in Equilbuim. Thanks for posting it! :D

Wow, your thesis sounds awesome. Why did you pick this movie? And what points did you tackle?
Haha, what do you wanna know? I will get around to posting a bit more about my life, but I'm lazy and I'm busy making icons and a new layout. haha. :D I'm actually a freelance graphics designer. But I haven't designed anything professional for 2 months now. I'm taking some time off. I used to work in a marketing firm as a sales rep, but I quit, cos I needed to focus on applying for scholarships to help me study in the UK this fall. I wanna do a master's degree in Marketing. I've been trying to get there for 2 years now. It hasn't been easy, but I'm hopeful! :) What kinda job you're looking for now?

Haha, I don't think it was a media stunt, cos like you said, Bale isn't into that. He just likes to be himself. I think the accent was just cos he's a method actor, lol, and he seems to immerse himself rather deeply into every role he plays. If he's playing a western he keeps on the western accent, and so forth. That's how dedicated he is. :D He's an accent chameleon, he's so good with them :d

A low gruff? hmm, that doesn't sound like Bale's voice at all. I think Michael Keaton was a better batman, he didn't overdo the voice like Bale, haha. So you're a comic book geek? Interesting. :D What other batman series have you seen? And who's your fave character besides batman?

3:10 to Yuma was a great movie. I haven't seen that Swing one. It's an old movie, isn't it? And what was the movie that made you a Bale fan, btw?

And omg, I can't believe Brett is actually encouraging the remake. What a stupid man. And who are these losers he's pimping to play Patrick? Pfft! I hope Bale throws another hissy fit at them. haha :D

Thanks a lot for the links. I'll watch'em tomorrow cos right now I'm so tired. Won't be able to appreciate senor Bale properly! :D

Talk to ya later, love ♥
Karolienwraithness on June 3rd, 2012 10:02 pm (UTC)

Oh that icon! It’s gorgeous. I just finished a 20in20 challenge (I picked The Pillars of the Earth because it’s such a pretty show). I’m still an amateur but I love making icons so much. Now we’re on the British show/boys topic again. I do like Eddie Redmayne a lot. Birdsong is so pretty too.
Then there’s James McAvoy. I’ll probably die when the X-Men sequel’s released. He’s brilliant in The Last King of Scotland, Atonement and Inside I’m Dancing.
Whitechapel is one of my favorite British crime shows. Rupert Penry-Jones *drools*. Oh and Sherlock! And Tom Hiddleston is British too. I’ve realized that most of my favorite actors are British to be honest.

My thesis: I talked about multiple movies (inlcluding American Psycho, Atonement, Memento, The Sixth Sense and Fight Club). They kind of show a variety of unreliable narrators. American Psycho is ideal to showcase ‘interpretation’ and ‘self-incrimination’, Patrick Bateman is so explicit in his story-telling you start to doubt him. I used some quotes (“Did you know I’m utterly insane?” ...) and talked about some of the scenes. In the end you’re not 100% sure if he killed those people or not.

I'm actually a freelance graphics designer.

That sounds awesome. It’s just sad that finding work (or projects) is so tough these days. I’m looking for a job in the film industry (my Master degree’s called Film studies and visual culture), but there’s close to zero jobs open and I don’t have a driver’s license yet. So now I’m looking for something more administration-y.
I’m crossing my fingers for you, hope you can make your dream come true. Studying abroad is both scary and exciting I think. Haven’t done it myself, but my pick would’ve been England without a doubt.

I think Michael Keaton’s a more intimidating and better Batman, but Bale is better at the triple identity thing, especially playboy asshole and the private Bruce only Alfred gets to see. Oh those two give me so many feelings. I love their father/son connection. I’m not a comic book reader, but I just know a lot of comic book stuff? I tend to remember details and research stuff. I think I’ve seen all the Animated Series episodes? I was still young but that’s when I started my love for Batman. Haha. I kind of love The Riddler as villain; I would’ve casted Guy Pearce for the part. No such luck I guess. It would’ve been possible since Christopher Nolan and Guy Pearce did Memento together. I also really like Alfred, Gordon and Lucius Fox.

Swing Kids is old but still awesome this day. :) You should definitely give it a go one day. The movie that made me fall in love was American Psycho. I’d never seen a movie that made me laugh so hard. Brilliant. And I suppose the Batman + Chris Nolan + Bale combo made it official? :DD Nolan’s my favorite director btw. Do you have a favorite director?

Long reply got long again. :) But this is very interesting. ♥
Candy: midnight in paris: the great fitzgeraldlunetimide on June 6th, 2012 01:24 pm (UTC)
Hello, my dear. I'm sorry for the late reply, but I was busy with setting up a new layout. I haven't finished it yet, but it's gonna be pretty. haha. :D How have you been? I read on Dee's journal that you guys went to see Prometheus and that it was a bust. Was it really that bad? cos I was looking forward to seeing it.

Aw, thanks. Glad you liked my icon. It's just when we started talking about Bale, I couldn't resist.
You're no amateur, your icons are gorgeous. I really loved the Pillars of the Earth batch. Wasn't it a great show? Oh, yes, Eddie Redmayne is a cutie, too. He takes ginger to a hotter level, doesn't he? :P
Ah, omg, you have great taste: James McAvoy and Rupert Penry Jones. You're awesome, awesome! :D
I love them, too. Whitechapel is just perfect. I'm nearly done with s3. Just gotta see the final episode and then I'm done. Rupert is rocking this season, isn't he? Do you watch Silk as well? He's amazing in it. I really enjoyed s1, have yet to see s2. :D

James is adorable. His eyes are to die for, aren't they? Atonement was perfect. Though I was disappointed that James didn't appear much. I liked the first half of the movie till they took him away but then after that, it got weird. What do you think? And do you like Keira? , since we're on the subject. haha. :D

Oh, I just realized we forgot to mention another gorgeous Brit, Matthew Macfadyen. Have you seen him in Pride & Prejudice? *swoons*

Your thesis sounds solid. You're an intelligent girl to include such mind-bending movies. You're absolutely right, in American Psycho, there's no real proof to which Patrick committed those crimes or not. It makes you think, did he really do it? Or were his friends and everyone around him so oblivious to not have noticed how sick he was? It's complicated, but nonetheless a brilliant plot.

Haha, I'm glad you mentioned this quote "Did you know I’m utterly insane?” it's hilarious. My fave is when the waiter asks him 'do you hear the specials'? Patrick: Not of you wanna keep your spleen' LOL! Gets me every time! :D This whole conversation with Paul Allen was a laughing fest, wasn't it? Tell me, your fave lines and scenes? :D

Have you ever read Fight Club?

Aw, thanks, sweetie. I really hope it happens. I feel like my whole future depends on it. A master's degree in marketing would certainly add more professional points to my otherwise unfulfilled resume.
Of course you would pick England, seeing as most of your crushes are pretty adorable brits! :D

I hope you'll find a good job soon, dear. You sound like an exceptionally talented and smart person. Any firm would be lucky to hire you. And your degree is quite compelling. What kinda jobs are you looking for, btw? In film production, perhaps?

Haha, your comic book insight is astonishing. I love it! Which animated series have you seen, btw? Since I believe there are so many. I'm glad you said this, Keaton was a more intimidating Batman, certainly. Haha, Bale plays a loon pretty well, doesn't he? He can go from normal to psychopath in a sec, huh? :D
Guy Pearce would've made an excellent Riddler. Too bad, they didn't go for'm. I also wanted Nolan to include Harley Quinn. She's my fave character. Quite menacing and entertaining at the same time, isn't she? Who do you think would've made a good Harley? And how do you feel about Anne Hathaway being Catwoman? Personally, I think no one will ever measure up to Michelle Piffefer's perfect performance, huh?

I will watch Swing Kids when I get the chance. Thanks for the recommendation.
Haha, Nolan is a brilliant director. He's one of my faves, too. Hell, I think he's my only fave, come to think of it. I do enjoy Quenten Tarantino as well. There's an insanely indie and underrated director that I truly love who is Rian Johnson. He directed this indie movie Brick, with Joseph Gordon Levitt. Have you ever heard of it? Since you're a film aficionado, I highly recommend watching it. It's one of those unique movies that pulls you in deeply. :)

Who else are your fave directors? :)

Oh, dear, this is even longer. I'm so sorry. I just talking about movies. :D Please do forgive me.

Btw, you haven't replied to my other comment. :D

Karolienwraithness on June 6th, 2012 09:53 pm (UTC)
Oh no need to apologize for late replies, I'm queen of late replies. I'll get back to that other comment in a bit. Haha.

Oh a new lay-out!? *curious*

RE Prometheus: I was pretty disappointed as well, thought it lacked depth. I guess I just expect a lot more from Ridley Scott. Gladiator's one of my favorite movies. It's really pretty and Michael Fassbender's awesome in it, but that's about it?

I love my gingers! HAHA. I think I forgot to mention Damian Lewis. Band of Brothers is all kinds of awesome. You do realize that you agreeing makes you awesome too then? :DD

Whitechapel (no spoilers): That last episode. I have no words for it. In the best way possible. The first series was also the first time I thought 'wow, this show is actually kind of creepy'. Not a lot of stuff scares me. I watched a lot of horror movies when I was little. To my parents: parenting, that's probably not how you do it, but at least I'm not easily spooked. I like it when show creators explore boundaries.

I don't watch Silk unfortunately, but I know I should. Dee's been telling me to watch it. :D

THE BABY BLUE EYES! I watched Atonement when it was released over here (in 2007 or so). I didn't really know James back then, but I remember loving how different it was from a lot of other movies.
I sort of liked Keira in Pirates, but I started appreciating her as an actress thanks to Atonement. Not that I'm a huge fan, but I'm definitely not a hater either. I'm really not a hater in general. XD Make love not war and all of that.

Haven't seen Matthew in P&P but I am very familiar with his acting.Hehe. Other than Pillars I saw him in a couple of episodes of Spooks and some movies (Enigma for example - ages ago, so unfortunately I don't remember his character).

American Psycho's just bloody hilarious as well. I once did a short tv interview for a show about movies. And, on a personal mission to promote the movie, I talked about it. They showed a clip too.

My favorite scene is the scene where he kills Paul Allen. 'Try getting a reservation at Dorsia now, you fucking stupid bastard!' And the whole Huey Lewis and the news monologue (or the Phil Collins one).
And the cranberry juice! The cranberry juice is a slice of genius.

I've never read Fight Club, is it good? I guess when it comes to fave directors I kind of like David Fincher too.

Professional points are so overrated, but we still need them for our resume. Probably one of the reasons I don't have a job yet, experience. Ugh. But you can't get experience if no one gives you a chance of course.
Maw, thank you dear, you're too kind! :) I'd love to find something similar to film production. There aren't any jobs like that available atm, but I'd love that. And writing, I do love words. Dream job would be going to the movies, writing reviews and getting money for it.

Candy: whitechapel: very particularlunetimide on June 11th, 2012 12:16 pm (UTC)
Haha, you're not the only queen of late replies here. I'm, too! :D

Oh, no, I'm really sad to hear Prometheus is disappointing. I was really looking forward to seeing it. But I trust your judgement so I won't go see it. Have you seen Avengers, btw? It seems to be insanely popular here.

You like Gingers? haha, awesome. Oh, I know Damien, haven't seen'm in anything though. But he's quite handsome. Guh, there's just something about British men, isn't it? You can't help but crush over them, they're toxic. :D

OMG! I finally saw Whitechaple's finale last night. Good god, it was amazing. The ending was heartwrenching. I feel so bad for Chandler. Poor thing, the first woman he ever feels something for dies in an instant like this. It's so sad. I really liked Morgan, she was sweet and caring, exactly what Chandler needed. Damn that bitch who killed her. I can't believe she managed to, I mean, she's old, how did she knock her down like this? It's ironic and unbelievable, Morgan managed to escape the killer's grip twice and couldn't do the same with his old mother? Weird, isn't it?
You're so right, though, this show is very spooky. This case, especially, along with the Ripper's replicas from s1 were the creepiest. I didn't like the case where the guy chops up his victims. I thought how they uncovered was rushed and unsatisfying. What did you think? What are your fave cases so far?

Haha, make love not war. That's the spirit! I like Keira, too. I think I started appreciating her in Pride & Prejudice. She was an excellent Lizzy. Have you seen her in Duchess? It's one of her underrated performances, but solid ones at that. Give it a try! Atonement was a great movie, James shined in it. Hm, I don't really remember what was the first James movie I saw. I think it was this crappy one with Angelina called Wanted. Do you know it? Nonetheless, he was HOT. Lots of shirtless scenes and all, quite satisfying! :D

Pillars of the Earth was excellent, Matthew was amazing in it! :D You should definitely see P&P it's really fun and you'll swoon over Matthew. He's so adorable and gallant. You'd wish you had someone like that in your life, haha. :D

You made an interview? Really? Where? Do you have a clip? You really are immensely fascinated with American Psycho, aren't you? :D

LOL! I love those scenes you mentioned, too. I always laugh so hard at the killing of Paul Allen, too. Especially, before he axes him and Paul says 'is that a raincoat? And then Patrick says' Yes' and then he says 'HEY PAUL! BUMP! LOL! So awesome. It's a masterpiece. I really detest the idea of remaking it. YIKES! :D

You should read Fight Club, the book explores Ed Norton's character more, so you understand it better. also, the ending is different. :D David Fincher is my fave, too. What other of his movies have you seen? :D

Exactly, they always demand years of experience and when you don't have it, they don't hire you. Stupid, isn't it?
Writing reviews for a living is a dream job, You'd be great at it, seeing as your writing skills are tremendously good. Keep up the dream, my love. You'll get there! :D

Karolienwraithness on June 11th, 2012 01:17 pm (UTC)
Well, Prometheus is still pretty and Michael Fassbender rocks it. But other than that... *shrugs* I did love Guy Pearce in it too, but he's barely recognizable.

I usually watch a movie where the British boy has an American accent and then I check his imdb page and end up in shock. "Another British boy, seriously?" "Ah wel, I don't miiiind." "This is perfect."

Whitechapel: my favorite eppies are the series 1 episodes and I love the last case of series 3. LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT seems so cool. <3 And Mantus was adorable in a creepy way.

I didn't like the case where the guy chops up his victims. I thought how they uncovered was rushed and unsatisfying.

I agree, but I did laugh my ass of at the 'dismemberment' ~jokes. Not that they were actual jokes, but the intonation and timing made it light and funny at one point. Or I just have a weird sense of humor.
And the Austen reference in that episode.
And Miles falling asleep standing up. Hehe.

I'll add the movies to my list. It's a long list of what I like to call 'big gaping holes in my movie culture that need to be filled'.
I know Wanted, it's actually kind of a guilty pleasure? I know a lot of people dislike it, and it's not a classic quality movie, but I do appreciate the visualizing and the fast-paced humor in it?
And James of course, I really appreciate James in it. It's also the only movie where he gets to do action stuff. Until X-Men was released of course.

I tried ripping the interview clip once, but it didn't work unfortunately. It's kind of a low quality recording and I can't get it in the right format. ugh. >_<

I loved The Game growing up. Zodiac's so pretty (for a dark movie ;)). I especially love the dark humor in it too. Then there's Se7en, a masterpiece too imho. :DD

Thanks dear! *squishes you*
Karolienwraithness on June 6th, 2012 09:53 pm (UTC)
It's literally (and fairly unorginally) called Batman: The Animated Series. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEx9r5enZsk I'm considering buying the DVDs for nostalgia's sake.
Harleeeeeey! :DD I'm a gamer and I recently finished Arkham Asylum and am now playing Arkham City. She's a pretty major part of both games. A good Harley, eh? Lemme think. ;) Vera Farmiga maybe, she's kind of a chameleon and a really good actress. She may be a bit too old for the part, but I think she could pull it off.

As for Anne Hathaway, I'm just gonna wait till I see the movie. I sort of trust Nolan enough to pick the right actress/actor for what he's looking for (everyone was sort of hating on Heath when he initially got the part from what I hear). I think she may blow everyone away with her performance. At least I sort of hope so? The MTV trailer looks promising. And the music. *chills*

There's an insanely indie and underrated director that I truly love who is Rian Johnson. He directed this indie movie Brick, with Joseph Gordon Levitt. Have you ever heard of it? Since you're a film aficionado, I highly recommend watching it. It's one of those unique movies that pulls you in deeply. :)

I'm thinking I should give 'The Brothers Bloom' a go as well. I've heard good things about it. *adds Brick to the list as well*

I guess I think more in terms of favorite movies, but every once in a while I realize I love most of the movies by one director. Chris Nolan, David Fincher, Frank Darabont, Danny Boyle, Matthew Vaughn, M Night Shyamalan (though in my world The Happening didn't happen),...

I love talking about movies too, so no worries dear! :DD