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wraithness's Journal

25 May 1989
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+ I'm Karolien, I'm 23 years old and I'm a fangirl from Belgium. My mother tongue's Dutch, but I blog in English.

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+ Semi-'friends only' because I talk about my personal issues too (other than fandom and picspams for instance), but feel free to add me, I welcome you. In fact, I absolutely love meeting new lj friends.

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24, 30 seconds to mars, 3:10 to yuma, aaron eckhart, aaron hotchner, alex o'loughlin, american psycho, arrow, band of brothers, batman, batman begins, battlestar galactica, ben browder, benedict cumberbatch, brandon flowers, burn notice, carnivàle, charlie crews, chris evans, chris pine, christian bale, christopher nolan, cillian murphy, crash bandicoot, criminal minds, csi: ny, damian lewis, dan brown, david giuntoli, dean koontz, don eppes, dorks, drawing, edward norton, equilibrium, ethan hawke, ewan mcgregor, fanfiction, fight club, final fantasy, first wave, gabriel macht, game of thrones, games, gregory house, guy pearce, hawaii five-0, house md, jake gyllenhaal, james callis, james mcavoy, jamie bamber, jared leto, jason clarke, jason wiles, jeffrey donovan, jeremy renner, jericho, joe flanigan, john sheppard, justified, kit harington, lady gaga, lee adama, legend of the seeker, life, luke evans, maroon 5, matt bomer, michael fassbender, moonlight, movies, muse, mysterious ways, neal caffrey, nick stahl, norman reedus, numb3rs, odd thomas, patrick bateman, patrick jane, peter burke, photoshop, reading, resident evil, rob morrow, rpgs, sarcasm, sci-fi, scott caan, sean patrick flannery, shadow hearts, sherlock, silas weir mitchell, simon baker, skeet ulrich, star trek, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, suits, the avengers, the big bang theory, the boondock saints, the dark knight, the dark knight rises, the dead zone, the fifth element, the joker, the killers, the lost room, the mentalist, the nine, the shawshank redemption, the walking dead, tim dekay, timothy olyphant, todd the wraith, touching evil, troy baker, tumblr, uncharted: among thieves, uncharted: drake's fortune, wanted, white collar, whitechapel, whose line, wraith, writing, x-men: first class, zachary quinto